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Ariel Roubinov

Director & Film Editor

Director/Editor Ariel Roubinov became an Israeli immigrant in 1972. By 1986, Ariel had already demonstrated filmmaking ability, having worked as a camera operator for a local TV production company since the age of 16. In 1990. After three years of service with the IDF, Ariel began his professional career as an instructor for linear editing and camera operation at the film and Television school in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
By 1993 Ariel had established himself as Technical Director and On-Line editor for Meimad TV Studios aka MTVS.
Ariel also had a major breakout in the film community in 1994 when he shot the feature film ‘Beach Boy’ and became a member of the Israeli Motion Picture Academy, involved in many more film projects, including a documentary in 1994 about Israeli rock-music pioneer Shmulik Kerauz. A highly trained and talented editor, Ariel is also a graduate of Future Media Concepts in New York for AVID editing. He has worked throughout the world, with vast experience in many different aspects of media production and post-production.
He has worked as an ENG/EFP director and On/Off Line editor on numerous and varied projects including highly acclaimed drama series, news broadcasts, music videos, documentaries, and live sporting events. In the past 18 years, Ariel has edited more than 50 shorts on film, 5 full-length features, recently Ariel was part of a TV crew for OBS (Olympic Broadcast Services) Olympic games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Currently, Ariel is working on his first full-length feature as both writer and director.